Social Media Branding For Real Estate Professionals

July 16, 2017


Social media gives independent real estate agents and brokers digital branding capabilities that were hard to imagine just a few years ago. You can connect with digitally sophisticated consumers who are interested in your real estate business at a very reasonable cost. 


If you combine a consistent digital presence with professional photography that shows your listings and past sales in the best light, you can build an audience that will feed referrals into your business pipeline for years to come. 


Share Your Daily Experiences


Some of the most popular social media celebrities reached the top by sharing their daily experiences. You can apply this to your social media profiles by sharing your experiences and successes. Post your activities on your social timelines, along with your professional announcements and noteworthy architecture, design, and arts events in your community.


Make sure to mix posts that include the photographs and videos of your listings as well as the digital snaps you take throughout the day. When you want your readers to take action, don't forget to ask, include calls to action that make your social media channels help reach your goals. 


These Are The Top Social Media Platforms


Must-use social media platforms:



The social, the top platform and still growing, with precise audience targeting



Build a following and tweet your best content and announce listings



Your digital résumé, connect with your peers and build professional credibility


Should-use platforms:



Publish a stream of compelling pictures and pique curiosity of your audience



Post videos that tell your story with video tours, interviewing local businesses and more



Reach the Millennial generation with visual content that gets immediate results and then goes away


Why Facebook Is A Must For Your Brand


If you are a busy Realtor and you only have time to manage one channel, then let it be Facebook. Every professional faces a unique market, so you need a platform that will account for your geographical location and demographics, which is where Facebook excels. Also, this is the network with the deepest reach into the populations of every location; almost everyone is on Facebook. 


While you might not plan to pay for advertising presently, you might decide to invest in promoting your services eventually. Facebook leads in targeting consumers, the company's analytics can predict when to serve your add to make the most of your advertising investment and reach the heart of your real estate market.


The Basics Of Branding For Social Media


Your branding strategy applies to all of your channels whether they are digital or printed. The colours and images you choose should be consistent; they form the theme that is the signature of your brand. 


The guidelines for using social media as part of your branding are relatively straightforward:


• Be consistent across platforms and in how you schedule new posts

• Set up your profiles with a unified colour scheme and style

• Fill in all of the descriptions in your profiles and add header and background images

• The header images of your social media profiles are opportunities to stand out

• Default themes without pictures or personalization are red flags to your audience 


The design website provides free templates in the sizes for header images for all of the most popular social media platforms. You can use the editing tools to combine your best images with text and format them for each platform. 


There is a simple hack to get the colour scheme right, on each platform. Each colour has a six-digit hexadecimal code, for example: #555555, which is a medium grey or #3B74BC, a light blue. 


Power Up With Professional Real Estate Photography


While you can use inexpensive digital resources to develop your brand, professional photography and videography are among the most powerful techniques to make your content stand out from the crowd and increase your influence. 


When you publish quality digital content, you will create many opportunities to promote your brand in real life and to create content for your channels. Make every event that you attend, a chance to build your presence as a positive and professional real estate brand in your community. 


Final Thoughts


Share your experiences and announcements in your social media postings, and it will draw in an audience greater than just people who are searching for an agent or a new home right now. Many of your followers will need a Realtor eventually, and if you are on their minds because you feature in their social media feeds regularly, the first real estate agent they think of will be you. 


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Social Media Branding For Real Estate Professionals

July 16, 2017

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